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What is Point-of-Use Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis Systems (R/O) designed for Point-of-use water treatment have become very popular.

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Reverse Osmosis Systems (R/O) designed for Point-of-use water treatment have become very popular.

Point-of-use Reverse Osmosis, commonly referred to as “POU R/O”, can be used nearly anywhere that there is a need for a low cost, efficient water treatment system to provide varying amounts of water considered to be of a higher purity than raw tap or well water.

When R/O is properly applied, the benefits to the end user are many and include: The benefit of bottled water quality water available on demand and at the kitchen sink.

R/O systems have become such a mainstream product that people tend to discount the fact that an R/O is a specialized piece of water treatment equipment. A contributing factor to this attitude is the fact that R/O’s are a deceptively simple machine. The systems are marketed over the counter, as a do-it-yourself item, which can easily lead someone to think: How difficult can this system be to size, install and service?

As it turns out, R/O systems are sight specific, meaning that they are not appliances, like a toaster or refrigerator, that will work the same in Muleshoe, Texas as it would in New York City, NY. Each region, even each home, has different needs. What may work well in one, will not work in all.

R/O systems are easily misapplied which quite often leads to performance and service problems for the end user/homeowner. They are disappointed in the product which, in actuality, has not be correctly matched to their specific needs as it should’ve been.

A water treatment professional will know what type of R/O system will work and how the unit will perform at any specific job site, saving the customer install problems, service and performance difficulties and disappointment with the system. For more information on this subject, go to Pure Water Changes website.

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