We offer FREE in-home water quality inspection to show you what's in your water.

Tell us what’s wrong with your water, and we’ll help you fix it — fast. We can help you get much cleaner water from your kitchen sink or throughout your house, with custom filtration solutions that can handle any water problem you may have.

how does the water analysis work?

A Pure Water Changes expert will perform a thorough analysis of the water in your home in only 30 minutes.

A basic water inspection from Pure Water Changes is free and as easy as scheduling an appointment with your Pure Water Changes expert online or over the phone. Here’s how it works:

  • We'll sample your tap water and test it right in your kitchen.
  • Results can vary, but generally the test takes 20 minutes or less.
  • When the test is complete, we'll share the results with you and discuss options for addressing any water problems.
Schedule a FREE in-home water Inspection
when is a good time?

Wondering When and Why I should test my home water?

Some dissolved solids, heavy metals, minerals, and other impurities cause odors or odd tastes, and in some cases can even affect your health. Even more importantly, some water additives and impurities, like arsenic, cause problems you can’t taste, see, or smell. Pure Water Changes recommends you test your water:

  • After moving to a new house.
  • If you have taste, odor or staining issues.
  • If you are on a private well (annually).
Schedule a FREE in-home water Inspection
a complimentary gift

With every in-home water inspection, we'll give you a complimentary $100 Gift Card, whether or not you purchase a system… on us!

Don’t get caught up in all the corporate red tape. Let Pure Water Changes be your water folks! We're both family-owned & operated and Veteran-owned & operated. We'll give you the personal attention you need to enjoy pure water in your home!

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Explore our home water filtration systems and discover all the benefits of softer water, like shinier silverware on your table and whiter whites in your laundry.

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