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10 Basic Water Tests

Protect your family or business when making a major purchase could require water treatment. Step one should be to have your water tested.

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It all starts with a Water Test.

To help protect your family or business when making a major purchase that could require water treatment, step one should be to have your water tested. In today’s world, if you are on well water or city water, do not take the water’s quality for granted and trust that it is safe to drink.

Here are some basic tests that should be checked on a yearly basis:

  1. H of water measure between 1 to 14. A neutral ph. of 7.6 is ideal.
  2. Hardness in water measured in grain per gallon. O grains is ideal
  3. Iron levels in both ferric and ferrous state measured in ppm. O is ideal
  4. Nitrates and nitrites in water. Required for FHA and VA loans
  5. Lead in the water. Some FHA and VA loans require this test
  6. Bac- T test. Required for FHA or VA loans (24 hr. incubation process)
  7. Total Dissolved Solids, measured in PPM. Sodium content in water (salt intrusion)
  8. Chlorine measured in PPM. Present in City water currently for disinfection
  9. Hydrogen Sulfide Gas measured in PPM. Must be tested at well for best results
  10. Tannins measured in PPM. Discolored water from rotten vegetation

These are 10 water tests that should be considered. It is best to test the water at the source, as this is most accurate for water testing purposes. Municipalities treat with chemicals and can remove many of the problems. But, there are no guarantees made for safe consumption. It is always a good idea to have your water properly tested by a water treatment professional or certified State Laboratory.

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